A Audio recordings/Audio+Video recordings

Price in €


  1 recording day (8h) 660.-/860,-
  2 hours session 250,–/325,-
  3 hours session 315,-/410,-
  4 hours session 400,–/520,-
  5 hours session 475,–/620,-
  6 hours session 540,–/705,-
  7 hours session 600,–/780,-
  8 hours session 660,–/860,-
  9 hours session (maximum) 735,–/960,-
  All prices in A include hall rental with accessories, musical supervision and equipment, but do not include piano rental.  

Editing, mastering etc.

1 studio hour



  A new agreement pertaining to the extent of the editing can be made on artists´ demand. To reduce costs, the artists may also choose to submit an exact layout for the editing.  
C 1 day hall rental (maximum of 8 hours) without recording engineer 
(Klangscheune without equipment)
375,– €

Rental for grand piano Yamaha C7 (227 cm): € 100 per day plus 19% VAT (VAT will not be paid by musicians living outside of Germany).

Complete solutions up to and including home delivery  of CDs or other media is possible.

The prices quoted do not include VAT (7% for A and B; 19% for C)

Professional musicians from Switzerland will pay no VAT for A and B if they submit an "Unternehmernachweis" according to § 3a UStG.