In 1995 the classical guitarist, composer and sound engineer Jan Žáček established the mobile recording studio ACUSTICA. The experienced gained during the following years, with a large series of noteworthy CD recordings (see references), led Jan Žáček to the realization that – especially for the recording of classical music – there are almost no locations with both excellent acoustics and sufficient insulation from outside noise. For this reason, in 2006, he purchased an old barn in the small German village Nack near the Swiss border. His concept was clear – the barn would be transformed into a recording studio with an acoustically superior hall and an adjacent studio control room.

Jan Žáček commissioned the sought-after acoustician Vladimir Szynajowski, head of the reconstruction of the Frankfurt Opera House. The tonal conception of the musician was now to be realized through the calculations of the physicist. Die KLANGSCHEUNE (Sound Barn) is thus the fruit of an intensive cooperation between two experts in sound, each with many years of experience. An acoustically isolated “house within a house” was constructed, extensive acoustical plans were implemented, and in 2008 a unique hall emerged for the recording of diverse kinds of music – predominantly classical and jazz – and catering to performers ranging from soloists and small chamber groups to chamber orchestras. The hall has a volume of approximately 800 m³, a floor area of 120 m², a height of over 7,50 m, and optimal delay and decay of reverberation. An additional adjustment to the reverberation time (up to 0,2 sec.) is possible through the use of molleton curtains.

With respect to the choice of construction materials, the following decision was made: approximately 80 % of the surface area of the hall is wood, the remainder being original wall surfaces. For the floor, solid oak was employed, and even in the case of various acoustical elements such as diffusers and absorbers on the walls and ceiling, wood was chosen.

An outstanding grand piano Yamaha C7 (227 cm) belongs to the recording hall and is highly appreciated by musicians.

At ACUSTICA we prefer particularly the microphones Brüel & Kjaer 4003, 4006, Schoeps MK2H, Schoeps MK4, Choeps MK8, Neumann M 149, TLM 49, KM184, AKG C414. We usually use fully digital 24bit/96 kHz hard disk recording with excellent PreAmps or channel strips such as Millenia HV-3D, Tube-Tech MEC 1A, Avalon Vt 737 sp, Universal Audio LA-610 Mk II, Neve 1073, A designs MP-2, Millenia TCL-2 Twincom, with a converter Lynx Aurora 16.

The editing process starts immediately after the recording sessions. Richard Jackman is a highly experienced cutter, he works with the same software used during the recording - Magix Sequoia 13.

2014 Acustica started professional video productions. A new equipment consisting of three professional video cameras and new illumination were acquired between 2012 and 2014.

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  • highest quality DDD-recording
  • complete production, including optional delivery of the requested number of CDs
  • co-productions with Deutschlandfunk, WDR 3, Etcetera, Supraphon, Panton, Novalis, Audite, Claves, Musicaphon und Yamaha Piano Artist Services Europe
  • musically competent supervision of the recording
  • natural acoustics
  • outstanding sound authenticity
  • relaxed atmosphere in the quiet village of Nack with wonderful catering and inexpensive accommodation in the village
  • 34 km from the centre of Zurich, 25 km from Winterthur, 12 km from Schaffhausen
  • fair pricing policy